New Work – Flexibility and Purpose through Structure and Routine

Work and especially the demands employees make nowadays on their jobs are changing. Under the term #NewWork organizations try to provide more flexibility (in time and space) and purpose. However, only recently the pandemic forced many companies to change structures and processes and apply New Work instantly. Thus, reality shows, that flexibility and purpose without structure and routine won’t work out in the long run.

Therefore, I have been an advisor, speaker, and workshop facilitator for new work approaches already long before the term was coined or the pandemic happened. I supported and trained several dozens of organizations and teams from all sectors like Federal Ministries, chemical and pharmaceutical blue chip companies, major home appliances manufacturers or global high technology firms.

What I do for these teams? I provide them with an external view on the challenges and questions, but foremost, I provide them with a structured approach and guidance to find their own answers on what new work means to them and what forms work out for them.

If your organization needs someone that provides the right structure and helps to answer the questions that matterfeel free to contact me!